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The Value of Feng Shui Training

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When I first started out in feng shui classes, I have to admit- my view of what feng shui encompassed was very limited. I had only been exposed to the western version in which you manipulate the objects in a space in order to clear a path for a clean flow of energy. Now, I wasn't wrong about that, but I really wasn't seeing the whole picture. Going back to the historic origins of feng shui, the actual purpose was to create balance between the heavens and the earth. This manifested in the laws of astronomy and geography as we know them today. Feng shui was used to select appropriate sites to build homes upon, for both agriculture and in selecting burial sites.

Today's use has certainly been modernized quite a bit, but the intention is the same. Feng shui is used to create a positive flow of Qi to affect the life of the practitioner. Common focuses for this good energy are health, prosperity, and relationships. Anything that draws positive energy to a person and shunts negative energy away is a good thing, as far as I am concerned. One important aspect that I learned about during my feng shui training is the concept of space clearing. Now that I know about it, it makes so much more sense to me- if there is negative or stuck energy in a space, the correct action is to release that energy and assist it in leaving the space, rather than trying to overpower it with positive energy or charms.

What might one do with a feng shui certification? Well, the possibilities are really endless. There is of course, the role it can play in your personal life. It would be pointless, and really quite stupid to go about getting feng shui training and not apply it to your own life. Whether you are making small adjustments in your current home, using it to design the floor-plan of your new home, or working with space -clearing both at home and in your office, this is something that you must do for yourself. Frankly, not to do so would be against the principles you are learning to embrace. You cannot help others to channel positive Qi into their lives if you're unable to do it in your own.

Secondly, your feng shui certification can be used towards your own career or prosperity- after all, sharing the knowledge of feng shui is certainly a good way to bring positive energy to yourself and your loved ones! It would be a great addition for people already working in the home design or decorating field, or even those doing the work of planning the architectural layout of homes. Many people are interested in a more conscious building style these days.

Another option is for people like me, who work in the life-coaching field. I started off with feng shui classes for personal interest, but soon realized that I had gained a powerful tool for helping many of my clients. As a life coach in all walks of life, and I always treat them with a holistic approach. Their home situation, their relationships, all of that is something that I look at as a part of what makes them who they are. When they can create a better space to live and work, it often supports them very well in making the other life changes that they desire to make in life.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/alternative-medicine-articles/the-value-of-feng-shui-training-481831.html

About the Author:

Written by Mel Bryson. Feng shui classes provide feng shui training and feng shui certification at the Center for Feng Shui and Intuitive Arts in New Hampshire.

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