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The Difference Between A Tarot Card Reader - Fortuneteller - And A Diviner

Author: Koz Huseyin

The tarot card reader, fortuneteller, and diviner, they all cause our minds to have different conceptions of. Can all of these different types offer you real advice about your life? Can they all give you the real information that you need for your life? And are they not all the same thing?

We hear of fortunetellers and we will have images come to mind of someone with a crystal ball offering you the secrets to your wealth, health and happiness. However, there is a marked difference between these types, and it can make all the reason of getting an accurate reading or not. Though before we continue bare in mind that even though some types may offer there services in one way which usually doesn't give accurate results, there are some who really do.

In this article, you will find out about:
* The Fortuneteller
* The Tarot Card Reader
* The Diviner

* The Fortuneteller
The fortuneteller is one that brings to mind the circus and a lady offering us information about our future. You may think of the film with Tom Hanks, Big! Even though some of these people do indeed know how to read your cards, and give you authentic information, there are others who don't. This is a bit more of something you should pay attention to. There are people out there who have no ability in divining your future, instead spend time trying to get and count your money.

* The Tarot Card Reader
I believe there is a big difference between tarot card readers. Tarot reading in its true sense needs someone who has the ability to gain insight, not just look at a card and find the meaning. This is what has possibly given tarot many skeptics. I used to be in this group. Indeed many people new to tarot have to start by simply reading a book and looking at the answers.

If you are new to tarot card reading, then this is generally your starting point. You begin by looking at the answers. Matching what things mean. However, this is not true tarot reading, and at best can only give the very general meaning that so many skeptics argue is just so general.

* The Diviner
The diviner is a term I like to use for people who actually can give you an accurate reading of your possible past, present, and future. These diviners gain insight when looking at the reading in front of them. They can introspect and find answers; these answers in most cases are accurate.

Some people have better abilities than others. The tarot can help however; improve your ability to read the cards properly. The result is that when you do a reading, you will gain much more insight into the question at hand.

So, how do you figure out who is real and who is a fake? This comes more down to your gut feeling than anything else. It is best however to approach diviners advice with acknowledgment, however not to totally base all your beliefs on what is said. Some unscrupulous fortunetellers have often used 'give me more money, I give you more secrets', and these are of no use. The best way would be to try and evaluate over time whether the advice has helped or not.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/new-age-articles/the-difference-between-a-tarot-card-reader-fortuneteller-and-a-diviner-442217.html

About the Author:

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