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Reading Tarot Cards: The Lovers Tarot Card May Just Hold Your Relationship Secrets!

Author: Tenzin Pemo

Just by its name, you would think that the Lovers card in a Tarot deck would signify romance, love and marriage. Good guess. The Lovers card has a lot to do with relationships, sexuality, personal beliefs, and values.

Has the Lovers card ever come up when you are reading Tarot cards? The Lovers card speaks for itself. The Lovers card is number 6 on the list of Tarot cards.

For most people, when they are looking for advice from either a fortune teller or a psychic, they want the Lovers card to appear.

Why is this?

The Lovers card deals with forming bonds, feeling loved, creating a loving union, acknowledging a relationship bond, having sympathy of another person, becoming closer, establishing a connection, and being intimate.

The Lovers card signifies a world where there are no boundaries to intimacy, romance flourishes, and sex is passionate, but gentle. At the same time the Lovers card represents life-long partnerships, companionship, and trusting another person that you are in love with.

Given that love is such a universal need, it is little wonder that most individuals feel the need for it somewhere in their Tarot reading

1) Breaking Down The Lovers Card

The Lovers card is part of the major arcana. Love is one of the many stages of life, and that means it is a fairly important card in a reading.

The Lovers card represents that an individual is looking for a union, experiencing desire, making love, being open to love, responding with passion, feeling a physical attraction, or tapping into the energy within them.

When this card is turned, predominately, the person who is having their Tarot cards read is in a committed relationship or is looking for attention from the opposite sex.

Because of the personal beliefs of the individual, they are questioning who they are, trying to find where they stand, being true to themselves, walking their on path in life, abiding by their own principles, or making up their own mind.

Overwhelmingly, though, the Lovers card does not represent being a loner. In dealing with the values of the person, they may be deciding what their values are at that time, struggling with temptation, choosing between what is right and wrong, refusing to let the ends justify the means, or discovering what is truly important to them.

2) The Two Types of Lovers Cards

a. The Upright Lovers Card

This card represents being in tune with others and an improvement in the relationships you have, especially ones that are romantic in nature. This card carries a clear message that we should all develop a deep connection with the others that share our lives.

b. The Reversed Lovers card

This card is a warning not to make hasty decisions as you may regret them in the future. You have to be careful with the decisions you make and make sure they feel like the right decisions in your gut. The reversed Lovers also symbolizes bad timing and frustration in relationships

3) Cards That May Reinforce The Lovers Card

There are a few cards in the tarot deck that mean similar things to The Lovers card including such cards as:

a) The Empress

This card represents sexual fulfillment and feeling pleasure in your relationship as well as being very sexually active.

b) Two of Cups

This card symbolizes a union, marriage, or some type of connection. It also stands for happiness of the person that is in that relationship.

c) Nine of Cups

This card stands for outright sexual pleasure. The person is promiscuous and has no qualms about their body.

d) Ten of Cups

This card stands for solid permanent unions and family ties.

e) Ten of Pentacles

This card stands for a person that has been in a long marriage and has full grown children, who they are still close to.

f) Can The Lovers Tarot Card Help your Relationship?

Many people want to know if the Lovers card will be the remedy for their problems in relationships.

It is often the case that people feel that Tarot cards will enlighten them so that they will be able to read their partner. They have the belief that these cards can give them information about relationships they are currently in, as well as past ones.

So can your relationship questions be answered by the Lovers card?

It has been said that that cards reveal secrets in your relationship, which then will reveal other aspects of your life, and then it snowballs. Finally, everything you wanted to know about is exposed to you. The Lovers card may just hold your relationship secrets.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/religion-articles/reading-tarot-cards-the-lovers-tarot-card-may-just-hold-your-relationship-secrets-388284.html

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