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Does Reading Tarot Cards Cause People To Get Into The Occult?

Author: Koz Huseyin

The use of tarot cards has been going on for hundreds of years. Tarot cards fringe on a subject called the new age, and mysticism. This brings up an important topic, as we have seen that in drug use, there is a case for such a view, but does it apply to tarot?

This kind of fusion with the new age and mysticism is close to occultism. Many people who generally go into the many branches of the occult often have started with a keen interest in astrology, and or then into tarot cards and reading the cards.

Does this necessary mean that most people who get into tarot will go into the occult sciences? I don't believe it does. However, it is a point to consider. And it depends on the person rather than simply stating that tarot cards get people into occultism.

For example many people meditate, but not all of those people will practice yoga or even get into deep occult topics. Again, it depends on what the person is seeking. If a person doesn't find the answers they seek with the popular religions or seek to find out more than simply believing what has been written, that person likely will delve into the occult.

Many people who get into divination of some kind, whether it is astrology or tarot card reading, will not pursue it for life. Many choose to dabble, to find some answers, and that is how it finishes for most.

It is the few who will continue to read tarot cards for a lifetime. However, it happens. And even then it is not something that will cause all those people to get into the occult sciences, Wicca, etc.

The world has many branches, and many religions, and though occultism can not really be defined as a religion, in the Judeo-Christian religion sense, it is still a path that many people choose to follow. Occultism and mysticism seem to provide people who are seeking a more depth, to find the answers they seek.

A point to remember is that occultism and a cult are totally different things. A cult generally has a bad objective, whereas occultism has a positive objective. History has made us weary and rightly so, because it is not like a religion such as Christianity which is in the norm, above the table, and everyone knows what is going on.

Wicca for example has many branches which make up Wicca, and defining a doctrine for how things operate is not something that happens in Wicca or any other occult paths.

I guess we have sidestepped a bit from the tarot cards, and occultism question, but it is hard to define a simple yes or no. Looking at research, and how people generally act with topics of divination, it is not a cause for concern that people will jump into the new age, and stay.

However for many people tarot cards have been an entry point. For others, it has allowed them to dabble, and then leave. I guess it depends on what people want out of tarot, and the questions and answers they seek to be resolved.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/new-age-articles/does-reading-tarot-cards-cause-people-to-get-into-the-occult-509430.html

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